Map of Mena Cabins grounds

Cabin grounds layout
Mena Cabins grounds

Layout of the Willowbrook Retreat Center and Mena Cabins & RV  grounds.    Willowbrook Nest and Cottage, the Counseling and Retreat Center share a large driveway.    Maple Glen RV spot has large parking.  Sunnybrook and Woodhaven have their own parking for one vehicle. There is more parking past Woodhaven and Willowbrook just off the west side of the road if you have extra vehicles or large rigs; please let us know if you have more than one pickup with small trailer so we can direct parking to benefit you best.

The grounds in the fenced Sunnybrook area are for Sunnybrook’s guests.  The Maple Glen RV spot has the area north and east of the privacy fence where the water hookup is.    Woodhaven Cabin has the grounds to the south and north of the fence.

The Willowbrook Retreat Center grounds are only for those staying at Willowbrook or visiting the counseling office.