personal-guarantee-icon-120x120Our vacation rentals are guaranteed!

What we guarantee:

We guarantee that the properties are as described on the website, and that the photos are fairly recent and depict the cabins and grounds, with the exception of seasonal flowers, which might or might not be in blooming season. We include many photos on our website so there are no surprises.

We guarantee that the testimonials on the website are true, and current testimonials can actually be read in the guest books in the cabins.

We guarantee that the units have been professionally cleaned between guests: this includes clean bed and bath linens, cleaned kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming and general cleaning.  Due to time restrictions between departure of guests and arrival of guests, it cannot always include deeper cleaning which is done regularly.

We want you to love your stay, and be happy with your reservation. Most people say our rentals are even better than advertised. Our guestbooks are full of glowing reports of how delighted our guests are. But tastes do vary, so we don’t guarantee that our cabins will suit your preferences. We will happily refund your money if you let us know when you arrive that it is just not your cup of tea.   Happy guests are what we aim for.

SATISFACTION is what we want for you. If, when you arrive at your cabin, you are not happy with it, call us before you use it, so we can either change your cabin or make it right for you. 

We do offer a winter weather guarantee that works this way:  if our roads are inaccessible due to ice or snow, we will give you a “snow-check” to come another time.  

Allergies or respiratory problems: If you are extremely allergic, ask your doctor if you should book any cabin in country or woods. There could be pollen, dust,  woodsmoke, etc. We want you to enjoy your vacation, but if you are really sensitive to allergens, make sure the country is what would work best. Our cabins ARE pet-free.   

We cannot guarantee against mechanical breakdowns (but we will make every effort to make repairs quickly if you let us know as soon as something malfunctions).  Obviously, if you can’t stay due to our breakdown, we refund your money, and help you find other accomodation.  If you or one of your party causes the breakdown, we do not refund your money.

We do not guarantee against unexpected city service disruptions–electric, water, etc. (but if you call us we will contact utilities to expedite restoration of service), nor are we responsible for other properties in the area.  Still, if your heat, cooling, or water service is interrupted, even though it isn’t our fault, we will refund your money if you can’t stay.

We do want to be available to you, so we can help solve any problems, and you can reach us at 479 883-5492.  Also, you can email for more information any time, for a fast reply:

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