Frequently Asked Questions:




Q. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? 

A. YES!   See more guarantee.

Q.  When trying to book online, why does it say “call” —

A.  We can’t take same day reservations online, but you can call us–479-883-5492 to see if we can get you in that day.  Also, sometimes we can take one-night weekend stays if it is last minute and still available, but it has to be by phone.

Q.  When trying to book online, it says my browser is out of date.

A.  Unfortunately, the secure booking equipment won’t work on older browsers, or ones that have not been updated.  But you can still call and have us book it for you–479-883-5492, and still get the Promo Code special.

Q.  How far are you from town?

A.  2.6 miles.

Q.  What do i need to bring?

 A.  Click here to see the page that tells you what is provided

Q. Do I have to travel on gravel to get to you?

A.  No, we are on a quiet, paved country road. 

Q. Are the cabins private?

A.  Yes, each has its own area of our 10 acres. You don’t have to share grounds with anyone.  Woodhaven is very private among trees. Sunnybrook has a large sunny, grassy yard, with privacy fencing and large trees and stream, with wooded hill behind it.  Maple Glen camper spot is  in a private woodsy spot.


Q. Do you have TV reception?

A.  No cable in Woodhaven or Sunnybrook.  There is DVD/VCR and a selection of movies in Woodhaven, and DVD at Sunnybrook.  We have a selection of dvds and tapes.


Q.  Do you have wireless Internet?

A. Yes.  We have rural WIFI, perhaps not as fast as in the cities, but ample for streaming.


Q: Do you charge extra for kids, or other adults?

A.  Up to 2 adults  and 2 children under 12 are included in the base rates.  Extra children are $5 and extra adults are just $10. 

Q.  Are breakfasts provided?

A. All have coffee-makers and coffees and teas.  No breakfast is provided, but all units have basic kitchens, dishes, utensils, etc.  The tradeoff is that although nobody is on site cooking for you, you don’t have to have anyone in your space!  Pans, utensils, dishes and linens are there for you.  We do ask that if you do heavy cooking that you clean the cooking mess up before you leave.  Most guests do only light cooking, so we have been able to keep our prices down by hiring housekeeping service that does not include heavy cooking clean-up.  If you prefer to have the housekeeper do the cleanup, it is a $20 charge–that way only those who use the service pay for it, and the rates are lower. 


Q.  What if i have to cancel?

A.  Reserving dates removes them from the availability calendar, turning other potential guests away; but life happens, and if you have to cancel or change your date, we refund all but $35 rebooking fee, up until 2 weeks prior to arrival, no questions asked.   The rebooking fee can be used as credit on another visit.  Within two weeks of arrival date, we do a full refund if we can rebook, less $35 rebooking fee.

Q.  Are there good restaurants nearby?

A.  Mena has some quite  good restaurants, all within 5 or 10 minutes’ drive.  In each cabin, there is a notebook with lists of restaurants.

Q.  Are there hiking trails at your cabins?

A.  We are on a quiet, paved road that makes a very nice walking or running place.  If you prefer something more rustic, you can turn off it onto a gravel road (402) that goes into the National Forest, immediately past our cabins. 

Q.  How far are you from the Wolfpen Gap ATV and hiking trails?

A.  We are about 7 miles from the West trailhead on Route 375.  About 10 miles from the Highway 8 trailhead.   Many people trailer their ATVs or bikes and go on the highway to the trailheads, but county road 402 is just past our cabins, and it is a beautiful back way to the 375 trailhead, with almost no traffic.  In fact, you might just want to skip the Wolf Pen Gap trails and enjoy the 402 road for a nice ride.   Sometimes, due to erosion or weather, some of the back way may be closed–the Forest Service recommends you give them a call first:  479 394-2382


Q.  Are the Wolfpen Gap trails open year round?

A.  Yes, but not all.  Most close for the winter and open March 10.  This may be subject to changes that we are unaware of; you can check with the Wolfpen Gap area website, or go to www.fs.usda.gov/ouachita.


Q.  Do the cabins have BBQ grills?

A.  Yes.  You will probably have to provide  your own charcoal and fluid (sometimes previous guests leave their opened bag and can), but we have utensils.  During established Burn Bans, use extra caution with outdoor grilling; check with innkeeper if you have a question whether the Burn Ban is in effect.  

Q.  Do the cabins come furnished with linens?

A.  Yes.  Beds, baths, kitchens all have linens provided.  


Q.  Do all the cabins have hair dryers?

A. Yes.


Q. Do all cabins have an iron and board?

A. Yes.


Q.  Do you allow pets?

A.  Not at the cabins or cottages, but it is ok to have pets at Maple Glen camper spot.  There is a good veterinary clinic, whose nice boarding facilities with tender loving care are just 5 minutes’ drive away, if you want to take your dog on outings and kiss him/her goodnight at the boarding facility and then go to your cabin. 479 243-9200    No pets are to be on the  cabin premises, inside or out,  at any time.  However, pets are allowed at Maple Glen camper spot, but must be kept under control and not have noise issues.


Q.  Are your cabins handicap accessible?

A.  Not completely.   Woodhaven and Sunnybrook have three steps to enter, but then have sleeping accommodations on the main level. 

Q.  What are the weather seasons?

A.  We have four seasons, but the winters are mild.  We never get frozen ground, but the temperatures typically may dip into the teens the first week or so in January, then we head back into moderate temperatures getting ready for daffodils blooming in February.  Snow is rare, but sometimes surprises us with a “Winter Wonderland.”   September and October, April and May, are generally perfect, neither too hot or cold.  June, July and August can get hot and dry, making great water sport weather, and we DO have air conditioning.


You can check availability or make reservations instantly online 24/7:


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